AEB - Alternative Fuel Electronics

aeb alternative fuel electronics


In the AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics division, to practically apply the “sustainable development” concept, the marketing strategies and technological/productive aspects focus on respect for the environment as a fundamental value.

Company’s original focus, AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics designs and builds a complete range of electronic devices for converting gasoline vehicles to LPG or natural gas.

Main product lines are: timing advance processors, emulators, feedback systems, fuel injection ECUs, Switches, all the accessories to optimize the car’s transformation and operation.
The division’s research and development currently focuses on designing innovative equipment that will allow eco-friendly alternative fuels to be used on all types of cars.

The success of AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics has grown costantly thanks to the high quality and reliability of products, allowing us to initially win over the Italian market, then a large part of the international market and, finally, to become a world leader in the sector. Thanks to our expertise and the constant focus in Research and Development, AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics was chosen by leading sector companies (manufacturers of mechanical components) as a highly specialized partner.


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